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I’m Luke. It’s great to meet you. Tubergen Ventures is my personal venture platform that was put together in 2015. I got my start in banking, followed by a stint in private equity, and have ultimately found myself in the wonderful world of venture. I appreciate the relational, inspirational, and innovative aspects of the industry.

I live in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn with my wife Diandra and our daughter Zoey. I found myself in New York by way of west Michigan where I grew up.

I make 3-5 investments a year. Tubergen Ventures is where I pursue investments in consumer and fintech companies. I participate mostly in (but by no means limited to) seed or series A. I am a managing partner at The Ember Company where we invest in consumer companies. However, Tubergen Ventures is reserved for my personal investments.

I am based in New York City but my investments span the United Staes. I spend a decent amount of time in my home state of Michigan and also travel to the west coast occasionally.

I invest to help create a better world and as a way to earn money. I see my investing as a means to create a positive and meaningful impact for my family, neighborhood, country, and world. I expect to be rewarded for the risks I take while investing in emerging companies.

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